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Holiday Activities: Each year many area individuals and businesses sponsor children or families during the holiday season by providing gifts and/or food. Some individuals and businesses donate toys and/or funds to Community Actions Toy Store and/or holiday food baskets to clients.

The Sponsored Gift Program: For the past couple of years, turkeys have been donated for both of our Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets. The rest of the materials needed for the baskets are purchased from our donated funds that we receive. Our donations mainly come from community organizations, area churches, and sponsored families.

Gift Program: We select our clients with the lowest income to fill out what we call a, "Wish List." Client's that complete the forms, are then connected by us with a sponsor. The sponsor then takes the clients wish list's and purchasing Christmas presents for the children. The clients then will receive the gifts wrapped from the sponsor. The clients that don't get a sponsor, are then given an opportunity to use the Toy Store.

Toy Store: